Owning a home is a keystone of wealth…both financial affluence and emotional security. Here at PJD Real Estate, we strive to provide the best possible service to make sure that you get your dream home.

Being a department of The PJD Law Firm allows for a faster process from Offer to closing, you deal with one professional representative….simplifying the buying and selling process.

We advocate for our clients in the sale, purchase, and leasing of their homes. With extensive knowledge, experience, and supportive staff, PJD Real Estate is ready to assist you in any issue.

Our Real Estate Team has the resources and expertise to handle large volumes of real estate transactions whatever their size or nature.

We act for businesses and private individuals, and our comprehensive real estate services include:

  • Marketing
  • Selling
  • Transferring on behalf of sellers
  • Transferring on behalf of buyers
  • Scouting
  • Buying
  • Property investment and development
  • Debt collecting
  • Land use rights
  • Leasing, facilities and property management
  • Structuring real esate transactions

Landlord and Tenants

We offer a range of valuable services to both Landlord and Tenants:

  • Tenant Recruitment
  • Lease Induction
  • Lease Management
  • Hard Debt Collection and Eviction
  • Insurance against litigation fees

Tenant Recruitment:

PJD Real Estate offers the following Tenant Recruitment services to Landlords:

  • Marketing
  • FICA Verifications
  • Credit checks, financial means assessment, and confirmation of funds for deposits and initial payments
  • Viewings and open days
  • Presenting suitable tenants to the Landlords

Once the Landlord is contacted, you can be sure that the tenant is fit and proper, has been identified and is ready to sign a lease. Because the potential tenant is vigorously vetted and payment of deposits are secured upfront, the risk of wasting time with approving tenants who are, for one reason or the other, not able to continue with the lease, are drastically reduced.

Lease Induction (Including Inspections)

A good lease prepared by attorneys and inspections conducted by professionals who understand what to look for and the issues that are problematic in Court is indispensable. Lease induction is the plan and the foundation of the relationship between the Landlord and Tenant. Get it right, right from the start, and by the right people.

PJD Real Estate offers the following Lease Induction services to Landlords:

  • Drafting and signing the lease. Archiving original at our registered offices
  • Setting up and administering trust accounts for deposits
  • Invoicing and collection of deposits and initial payments
  • Entrance and exit inspections to catalogue all defects in writing
  • Latent defect inspection shortly after commencement (this is often overlooked, and has significant impact on damages that can be claimed)
  • Ad-hoc inspections at Landlord’s instruction

Lease Administration

The day-to day administration of the lease will be dealt with by our professional team. Any complaints and disputes are addressed by trained debt collectors and professional attorneys. No hand-over or transfers are required as we are all part of the same team. Demands can be dispatched within hours and Court processes commenced in a flash.

  • Invoicing and collection of rental
  • Accounting and billing consumables
  • Billing and arranging repair of breakages, losses and other deductibles
  • Soft debt collection calls, charges, demands and payment arrangements
  • Addressing complaints
  • Updating lease agreements and practice according to latest case law, good practices and legislation

Hard Debt Collection and Eviction

The same firm that secured the tenant, inducted the lease and managed your property will go to court for you if need be. We will secure orders to enforce payment of rentals, prevent damage to property, removal of furniture, and eviction.

Consider our insurance section for what we can offer Landlords as cover to defray/cover the expenses of litigation. Naturally, we will always endeavour to recover legal costs from the tenant.


Insurance against litigation fees

Instead of paying litigation fees when a matter goes to court, a small monthly premium may be paid to us to cover all litigation fees if need be. Premiums start at R150 per month and may be adjusted to include our standard, super and deluxe excess waivers.

Buyers and Sellers

Traditionally, one may have to deal with an agent, conveyancer, notary, debt collectors and litigators to market and manage the selling and buying of property.

At PJD Real Estate you only deal with one person – no information loss, no hand-overs.

We offer the following services to Buyers and Sellers

  • Marketing the property
  • Viewings
  • Offer to purchase
  • Bond cancellation
  • Handling of keys
  • Handling of deposits
  • Transfers and Conyencing
  • Property Registration

Investors and Developers

We are big fans of development and infrastructure. and offer the following services to Investors and Developers:

  • Setting up transactions for investors
  • Township Development
  • Drafting of all agreements
  • Legal due diligence
  • Weigh-leaves
  • Options
  • Servitudes
  • Negotiations with authorities and communities, owners and other stakeholders

Body Corporates and home-owners Associating

Why go through the hassle of dealing with different property management companies, debt collection companies, and attorneys when you can get all the services under one roof and only deal with one person. We cut out all middle-men and do it ourselves, giving you the peace of mind that there will be no hand-overs, no lost or missing information or documents and lower costs because we are one organization.

We offer the following services to Body Corporates and Home Owners Associations:

  • Managing and maintaining common property for body corporates
  • Clearance certificates
  • Calling and conducting general meetings
  • Dispute resolution
  • Debt collection
  • Development and implementation of constitution, memorandum incorporation and rules
  • Legal advice to trustees, directors and members