Public Procurement

Where tenders are a prominent part of every day operation or whether you aspire to procure government work for the first time, it is clear that compliance with the legal framework surrounding public procurement is a essential requirement for ensuring a successful bid or challenging the unlawful award of a contract to a less deserving candidate.

PJD Inc can assist in ensure compliance with these laws and also challenge government decisions when the wrong award is made. Furthermore, due to the growth in the industry and to curb corruption, this field is constantly developing through new directives, circulars, notes, legislation, and case law. regarding public procurement at International, National, Provincial, and Municipal level.

Advising on the compliance of bids with the requirements of Requests for Proposals, the Public Procurement Policy Framework Act; National, Provincial, and Municipal regulations; Treasury Circulars, etc. Challenging the award of tenders in contravention of South African law. Assisting Municipalities and other Organs of State in developing compliant public procurement procedures Assisting Municipalities and Organs of State in evaluating bids for compliance.