PJD Inc can assist local and foreign businesses and individuals in securing the permits necessary to secure and maintain the appropriate immigration status in South Africa. PJD Inc will also assist in attending to appeals of adverse decisions by the Department of Home Affairs as well as be securing release from unlawful detention and preventing unlawful deportation.

  • Assisting with all immigration-related legal issues; in particular, the current requirements of the Department of Home Affairs
  • Assisting with the section 21 Corporate Visa
  • Registration of business in terms of the Companies Act and registering the business with the South African Revenue Services
  • Processes to determine status or citizenship
  • Acquiring any category of visas and permit: such as study visas, medical visas, work permits, asylum, etc
  • Acquisition of business visas to establish a new business and business visas to invest in an existing business ventures
  • Assistance with Securing release from Lindela or other places of detention of illegal foreigners
  • Assistance with Passport issues
  • Assistance with Obtaining unabridged birth certificates and full birth certificates
  • Assistance with Procuring copies of marriage certificates
  • Assistance with Immigration law related applications to the high courts
  • Assistance with Reconsideration applications and appeals
  • Assistance with Petition and exemption applications to the Minister of Home Affairs