Cellular Towers and Communications

The PJD Law Firm offers the full spectrum of legal services regarding the installation, approval, compliance, and removal of cellular towers, masts, base stations, and other electronic communications equipment.

As part of our compliance competence, we also assist property owners in challenging the validity and legality of installations in their area. Such challenges may be made during the approval/planning stages up to the stage of complete installation – naturally, the sooner the better. Our team has been involved in various matters regarding electronic communications all over the country including Link Africa v City of Tshwane which is the Constitutional Court Litigation regarding section 22 of the Electronic Communications Act. This case changed the landscape of South Africa as far as electronic communication roll-out (fibre and cellular towers) is concerned – on behalf of Neotel;

To name a few, our services in this regard include:

  • assessments and advice on compliance
  • servitude or lease negotiations
  • reports and presentations to local authorities, residents, etc
  • preparation of objections
  • appearances at meetings, tribunal hearings, information courts, high courts
  • arbitration

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