Business Start-Up

PJD Inc operates as a one-stop shop for both local and foreign clients intending to establish new businesses or branches in South Africa. Our services range from incorporating or establishing the desired form of enterprise to the development of corporate identity. All packages are custom-made according each client's individual requirements. However, standard packages are also available.

PJD Inc also develops essential agreements necessary for new businesses or divisions to operate efficiently while ensuring that their interests are protected and that they are fully compliant with South African Law. Such agreements may be intended for use in particular deals or as general terms and conditions to be used in day-to-day transactions such as conditions on invoices, letters of engagements, disclaimers, trade contracts, etc.

In addition, PJD Inc provides advise on the regulatory framework applicable to certain types of businesses within South Africa such as credit providers, development of cultivars, development of Special Economic Zones, night clubs, etc.

  • Advising on the process involved in developing a Special Economic Zone in South Africa
  • Establishing en commandite partnerships for joint ventures
  • Advising on permits necessary for the establishing retail petrol station
  • Setting up Special Purpose Vehicles for purposes of securing certain work
  • Registration of local and foreign companies in South Africa; Procuring necessary consents from authorised dealers and the South African Reserve Bank for foreign loans, shares held by foreigners, etc
  • Registration for Income Tax and Value Added Tax with the South African Revenue Service
  • Registration of Importers and Exporters for Customs
  • The structuring of commercial transactions to minimize tax liabilities
  • Developing template agreements, disclaimers, terms and conditions for start-up businesses or divisions
  • In-house capability for website development, domain name registrations, hosting, logo and corporate identity packages
  • Authenticating documents for use in foreign jurisdictions
  • Securing visas for work, critical skills, corporate employees, and businesses