The PJD Law Firm

The PJD Law Firm is a Level 1 B-BEEE contributor which offers boutique, “big-firm”, services at rates accessible to the established companies, start-up business, government, as well as individuals.

We focus on delivering bespoke services which fit the unique situation and the client and we aim to satisfy.


We have an armoury of great services that we pride ourselves in. Somewhere in our practice is a solution for you.


Advice and assistance on all aspects of companies, partnership, corporations, tax, and contracts.

Dispute Resolution

Sometimes we cannot agree to disagree. Sometimes we have to Conciliate, mediate, arbitrate, or litigate. The PJD Law Firm can assist in this regard.


Relationships are everything and you may be only as good as your staff

Real Estate

The PJD Law Firm is a One Stop Property Solution. Marketing, Leasing, Sales, Disputes, Management, etc.

Government Related & Immigration

The state is a powerful part of everyday life. We can assist you in ensuring that your rights are appropriately protected and progressed against the Government. We also offer immigration services.

Notarial and Cellular Masts

A flagship service we offer is opposing installation, approval, compliance, and removal of cellular towers, masts, base stations, and other electronic communications equipment.

With quite the amount of all the great work we do we do have to have an arsenal of great services that we pride ourselves in, somewhere here is a service that speaks to you.

Get In Touch

It would really mean a lot to us if you would give us a call regarding any problem you might be facing, we believe that no person should have to face a problem or handle a legal issue alone. Give us a call and we'll sort it out.